Since 2013, I’ve provided expert witness testimony and trial consulting in hazing cases. I bring an unusual skillset to this work, as I hold an M.S. in Forensic Psychology and an M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I’m one of the few scholars in the country who actively studies hazing and one of the even fewer who does empirical research on the topic. Much of this research has investigated the factors that undergird and propel hazing from the perspectives of cognitive psychology, organizational behavior theory, and social psychology.

In addition to bringing my insights from psychology, specifically, and social science, more generally, to the issue of hazing , I’m also a lawyer. As such, I’m singular in the country as someone who isn’t simply an expert on hazing from the vantage-point of social science. I also have legal insights necessary to consider and understand the nature of this issue in the context of the law and in litigation. As a tenure-track law professor, I remain informed about the general ebb and flow of hazing issues as they arise in the law. Also, my legal insights are tailored to the specifics of each case with fresh research.

I’m a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, incorporated and have written extensively on Black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs), and, because of this, have particular insights when it comes to these organizations. In addition, my knowledge about these groups has been enhanced by my work on non-profit boards and fraternity task forces focused eradicating hazing. Even more, I have tracked, located, and acquired myriad BGLO hazing cases court files—pleadings, motions, discovery, opinions, etc. These materials inform my research and provide me with a wider view of hazing, particularly in the context of litigation, vis-à-vis BGLOs. While my work has mainly focused on BGLOs, I’ve also conducted research on historically white fraternities and sororities. I’m also interested in litigation around other student group hazing.

I may be contacted at:

Wake Forest University School of Law
1834 Wake Forest Road | Worrell Professional Center, #3346
Campus Box 7206 | Winston-Salem, NC 27109
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